stainless steel rasorblades, steel wire, tin, found pigeon repellents, stainless steel straws, aluminum straws, paper labels, 3-channel video installation, sound

Intrusion into someone else’s space is a kind of disturbance that few accept with calmness. Violating the space-time continuum of another subject by suddenly imposing one’s existence gives rise to a sense of alienation and – in extreme cases – an exile; reactions that even the most polite apologies cannot compensate for.

In a shared house, it is easy to fall into conflict - because although roommates share a common space - they still remain separate entities. Despite the shared space of the house, rooms remain separate domains with their own rules of functioning. Violating them always means implementing changes, which can ultimately cause an internal fever.

Entering the space of DOMIE, we somehow invade a zone that already has new occupants: insect-like hybrids of our daily consumer habits that have multiplied through our neglect. They jump, wriggle, and crawl toward us; they are like a bad omen, reminding us of the harbinger of a new reality.

In Agata Sznurkowska’s works, tiredness with the reality of consumption and production and the related cult of productiveness and self-fulfillment is manifested by the desire to hide. It is as if the works shouldn’t have existed, yet the inner need, as well as the outer requirement of creative activity, don’t allow doing anything. After all, stagnation, both in the world of art and in any other human activity, threatens social ostracism, and eventually oblivion.

Weronika Wysk, part of the curatorial text for I’m Sorry to Interrupt at DOMIE, Poznań, 2022